Tuesday Take & Bake

The closest you can get to homemade without cooking it yourself!

Would you like the convenience of a having a Personal Chef without the expense associated with a customized regular service just for you?

Tuesday Take & Bake is offered weekly during the school year September to June from the Pamela’s Pantry kitchen in Winchester, NH. Conveniently located at 9 Manning Hill Road, at the intersection of Routes 10, 78 & 119.

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Weekly Menu

Week 1
Comfort Food Favorites (like Mac & Cheese)

Week 2
Vegetarian Night (eat more veggies!)

Week 3
Pork or Chicken (rotating favorites!)

Week 4
Soups or Stews (with salad or a baked good)

If there is a 5th Tuesday of the month Take & Bake will be chef’s choice.


“Definitely a good choice for anyone who doesn’t have time to cook, wants a break, would like to eat healthy and well or wants to give themselves or a loved one a treat. Thank you so much, Pam! “
-Emily and Family, Richmond, NH

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